Bio Zen Therapy

Bio is possible from A to Z at Zen with its Bio ZenThérapie and O’Rigth range

O’Right are the greenest 100% natural care products in the world, with plants, oils, which become creams with scents of natural essences, sometimes essential oils so respectful of our well-being.
O’Right has created ranges for hair, face and body for your well-being as well as that of the planet. They are 100% natural, 100% ecological and 100% biodegradable in PLA.
PLApackaging is made from plant waste products. By being planted in the ground, it can be fully decomposed in just one year. Constructed of plant resources thus returned to nature. This packaging is cradle to cradle compliant. In each bottom of the bottles are included a tree seed. For the cardboard boxes are seeds of beautiful little plants. The wrappers are printed with soy ink which is water-based and non-toxic and eco-friendly to nature. The plugs are made of Moso Bamboo to avoid deforestation.

The range of O’Right products is very extensive for each type of hair:

  • Goji Berry or Recoffee Volumizing for fine hair
  • Peach Blossom Vulumizing for fine, weak hair.
  • Camèlia oil-control for oily hair and oily scalp.
  • Ice Shampoo or Green Tea for normal hair.
  • Tea Tree for normal hair and sensitive, ticklish, dandruff scalp.
  • Golden Rose and Purple Rose for sensitized and colored hair.
  • Bamboo for dry and damaged hair without weighing it down.
  • Bamboo and Recoffee Moisturizing for very dry hair

Very expansive treatments for various problems of all types of hair or skin such as for:

  • hair loss for ladies.
  • male hair loss.
  • masks adapted with natural essences.
  • hair and body oils.
  • stylings.
  • skin care creams.
  • hand and body care creams.
  • scrubs.
  • shower gels
  • bubble baths

Bio Zen Therapy also has:

  • a range of coloring with jojoba oils, lighteners
  • a range of in-depth treatments and/or for semi-permanent “Natura Organic” smoothing treatments.


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