Let’s talk technical

Technique is, of course, key to avoiding the nightmare of slipping extensions.

Lysiane has chosen it to be very resistant and 100% natural.

The fixing system is safe for the hair based on keratin, proteins and polymers.

This fixing sheath is transparent in which one of your own hairs is housed.

Double advantage: The clip is totally invisible and your hair will remain safe from aggression.

You can then move, play sports, wash or brush your hair: it will hold!!!

On the hairstyle side, everything is possible, exactly as before: brushing, straighteners, curling iron, coloring, ponytail, buns.

No more need, however, for sweeping: the very nuanced palette of the extensions makes it possible to create the sun effects

and naturally gives relief to the hair!

For a radical change, the specialist at Zen Coiffure poses between 100 and 200 locks.

Quality of work requires, this meticulous and attentive work is done between 2 to 4 hours depending on the case.


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