Intense care are highly concentrated active ingredients:

  • The care penetrates into the deep layers of the hair.
  • Unique ingredients that compensate for hair deficiencies sometimes from birth or due to the various damages suffered by the hair.
  • Protein-based, to give them thickness and body.
  • Based on natural oils to give them hydration.
  • And other powerful, nourishing and great repairing ingredients.

Our personalized care gives hair what it needs most. They will lodge and stay in the 3rd deep layer of the hair and save the hair the most damaged by external or mechanical aggressions.

Conclusion :

Our treatments strongly repair avoiding scissors which were usually the last solution.

Maintenance :

Depending on the case, in-salon treatments should be repeated every 2 to 3 weeks.

If the hair is badly damaged, every week.

In order to maintain the result, we recommend REDKEN treatments to be done at home. Our cabbages are:

  • For fine hair are “Body Full”, “Extreme”, “Diamond”
  • For normal hair “Clear Moisture”, “Hair cleansing”
  • For thick hair “Smooth Lock”, and “Real Control”.
  • For very dry hair “All Soft” and “Smooth Lock”


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